GreenStar on the Hill: Collegetown Project Approved

By Brandon Kane,

General Manager

greenstar-collegetown-store-300Perseverance and collaboration are the hallmarks of the Collegetown Crossing project that will house GreenStar's third store, now set to open in 2016. The project, years in the planning stages, finally obtained site plan approval from the City of Ithaca in September.



Announcing Two New Educational Opportunities at the Co-op

Sunday, 02 November 2014 02:23

By Laura Buttenbaum, 

Membership Administrator

Continuing education is a central tenet of the cooperative movement. From its humble beginnings through today, the cooperative movement has acknowledged the importance of educating member-owners, staff, managers, and boards of directors. In fact, the first major purchase of the Rochdale Pioneers, the 28 weavers and community activists who founded the first successful cooperative market in England in 1844, was of the building next door, which they transformed into a library and a classroom. Sound familiar?

Education is so critical to cooperative success that it is embedded in the Statement of Cooperative Identity, adopted by all cooperatives worldwide, and can be found as the Fifth Cooperative Principle: Education, Training, and Information, which states: "Cooperatives provide education and training for their members, elected representatives, managers, and employees so they can contribute effectively to the development of their cooperatives. They inform the general public — particularly young people and opinion leaders — about the nature and benefits of co-operation." As member-owned enterprises, cooperatives cannot be successful without education, which is vital to ensure the effective and informed participation of members. If co-ops are to be part of the solution to many of the world's problems, not only must people be aware of the concept, they must be willing to participate in it. Such active involvement won't occur if people don't understand cooperative enterprise.

GreenStar has been fulfilling this principle for years, offering weekly informational and cooking classes (open to the entire community, not only GreenStar member-owners), sponsoring Council and staff participation in cooperative conferences, and issuing this newsletter, to name a few of our educational initiatives. In an effort to grow our educational offerings and further engage our members and staff, I am pleased to let you know of two new opportunities we have just put in place, as well as upcoming plans for the future!

Cooking Matters® at the Store at GreenStar!

In our continued efforts to increase affordability and accessibility at GreenStar, we are thrilled to offer a new, free Program, Cooking Matters® at the Store at GreenStar, a program designed for GreenStar FLOWER members and Healthy Food For All recipients. Cooking Matters® at the Store is a program of Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign, which empowers families to stretch their food budgets to get the healthiest bang for their food dollars by making nutritious food choices.

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New Member Deals Program to 
Replace U-Pick 10% Off in 2015

Sunday, 02 November 2014 01:33

By Joe Romano,
Marketing Manager, 
the GreenStar Area Supervisors Team

Grocery-BillStarting in January 2015, GreenStar will make a switch from our current U-Pick 10% Off program to a new Member Deals program. You likely won't believe the great prices, and we hope that your family, and our entire GreenStar community, will benefit from the savings. The new Member Deals program will take the place of U-Pick 10% Off as the latest in a long history of pricing plans that have been created to offer benefits to our member-owners while still welcoming non-members to shop.

At GreenStar's beginning, one had to be a member to shop at the Co-op, but in 1992 the decision was made that we should invite non-members as well. This created the need to price products so as to allow members to benefit from their membership. The first idea was a surcharge for non-members, but instead of our lower pricing being seen as a member-owner benefit, the surcharge was perceived as a penalty for non-members. So we changed our pricing practice to the one we still use today — we have one price on the shelves, and member-owners receive a member benefit discount at the register.

Over the years, we've developed new ways for our member-owners to benefit. In 2004, we joined a larger co-op sales program, now known as "Co+op Deals," then in 2008 added Managers' Specials (our in-house sales, advertised on the back page of GreenLeaf) and the Basics program. In 2010, we created the FLOWER program to provide those with limited income improved access to high-quality food and goods.

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Replace U-Pick 10% Off in 2015


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