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Jillian Brazel,
Pastry Chef

apple-pieCelebrate summer in sweet style with Classic Apple Pie. Getting married this summer? We do wedding cakes! Yes, vegan, too!

Summer has finally arrived! Kicking off this month with Independence Day, we invite you to celebrate sweetly. Be sure to pick up a pie to share on your way to the Ithaca Community Fireworks Celebration, slated for July 3 according to our quirky Ithaca calendar. We've heard your requests and are rolling out a Classic Apple Pie to add to our already wide selection of flavors! We also have a tasty new treat, Lime Zinger Bars, available in the pastry case. With delicious coconut and lime cream-cheese icing, they'll leave you feeling refreshed in no time. Summer is also wedding season: did you know you can get a delicious vegan (or decadently dairy-laced!) wedding cake, baked right here in house? We love to help you celebrate whatever you've got to kick your heels up about! Contact us with your special orders at 607.273.5069.


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Bakery News

GreenStar's Bakery Expands Wheat-Free Offerings

By Kristie Snyder, 

GreenLeaf Editor

wheat-free-dessertsYou know a diet is popular when a Google search returns over 12 million results, as it does for "gluten free diet." Compare that with "vegan diet," which turns up a paltry 2.6 million. It's clear that people are increasingly avoiding wheat products and gluten, the stretchy protein found in wheat and many of its relatives. Many who avoid gluten have been diagnosed with celiac disease, in which gluten consumption can cause intestinal inflammation and damage the lining of the intestines. Others experience wheat allergies or intolerances, which can lead to a host of symptoms.

Ten years ago, finding gluten- or wheat-free baked goods could be a real challenge, and finding ones that tasted good proved even more difficult. But a trip to GreenStar's bakery case today yields over two dozen delicious wheat- or gluten-free options.

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