Pies for You and Me (Gluten Free Too)

15 10-Pie-for-GreenLeaf-cu-smJillian Brazel,
Pastry Chef

Gluten-free? Missing your Thanksgiving pies? GreenStar's Bakery has you covered; just call us!

Feeling left out of the Thanksgiving pie parade because you avoid wheat and/or gluten? Been scouring Ithaca for gluten-free pies, with no success? Search no more! We can bake any of our numerous pie varieties, vegan or non, in a gluten-free version ­— just give us a call here at the Bakery at 607.273.5069 and let us know what you need! Special orders need to be in by noon on Sunday, Nov. 22 in order for us to have your pie(s) baked and ready for you by Thanksgiving. For a description of all of our mouth-watering varieties, see the cover story this month. And pie is just the beginning — round out your holiday dessert table with a selection of our other gluten-free offerings, many of which are vegan as well. You might be surprised by the variety — look for gluten-free mousses, puddings, cookies, macaroons, brownies, bars, cupcakes, crisps, fudge, and more! 


Call the Bakery: 607-273-5069

Bakery News

Goodness Baked from Scratch in Co-op's Kitchen

By Kristie Snyder,

GreenLeaf Editor

15 10-Pie-for-GreenLeaf-smWhen I stopped into GreenStar's Bakery recently to talk with Bakery Manager Jillian Brazel about new products, she and her staff were huddled around a stand mixer that was running full tilt. Inside was a frothy vegan meringue of aquafaba (an amazing egg replacement) and sugar, miraculously transforming as the bakers watched in wonder. The Bakery's try-anything spirit means that they're constantly inventing new approaches and products. "Experimentation is the fun part," Jillian said. "Sometimes it doesn't work out, but it's still fun." And when it does work out, it leads to terrific new products, which is why GreenStar has the best selection of vegan desserts in town.

Experimentation isn't the only thing that sets GreenStar's Bakery apart — its focus on premium ingredients is unusual as well. Where many commercial baked goods are loaded with a laundry list of unsavory and unhealthful ingredients (hydrogenated oils, refined flours, corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors), GreenStar's Bakery is committed to using the highest-quality, pure ingredients, organic and local whenever possible. Jillian lists her ingredients: "All of our flours are organic, the sugar is organic evaporated cane juice, our vanilla and chocolate chips are organic and Fair Trade, fruit is locally sourced whenever we can get it, the colors are plant based, the eggs are local and free range." There's no hydrogenated oil on the premises; organic canola oil is used instead. And Jillian knows exactly what's in every product, because "we make every single thing from scratch, except the pie crusts, which are organic and vegan. It's pretty uncommon to do that. We even make our own frosting — it doesn't come in a bucket."

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