Cooking with Local Grains

By Hans Butler

Triticum spelta_4Just imagine that eating local in upstate New York could mean adding exotic heirloom whole grains to your diet! For many people, "eating local" involves a daunting change in lifestyle. Being accustomed to an out-of-season global selection 365 days a year, we have to retrain ourselves and even educate ourselves as to local fare. Cayuga Pure Organics (CPO), out of Brooktondale, New York, produces grains with intimidating names like freekeh and farro that are actually quite simple to prepare and offer nutritious and tasty alternatives to rice.

Prepare grains in a large enough container that they take up a quarter or less of the space. Always begin with a quick examination of the grain for stones and other foreign materials. Cover with a generous amount of water, stir, and drain. Repeat this process twice and then cover with fresh water, removing floating hulls from the surface.

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New in Bulk

Deez Nutz (and Seeds)

Joe Damiano,
Bulk Department Manager

almond-bot-illWhat's so special about our new line of sprouted nuts 
and seeds? Read on and find out about the benefits!

You may have noticed that we've been adding many products that contain sprouted nuts and seeds. I've been getting a lot of questions about them, so I want to share a little bit about the nutritional and digestive benefits of eating these products. Nuts and seeds are a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty 
acids, fiber, vitamins B and E, and the minerals magnesium, calcium, copper, selenium, zinc, and iron. In unsprouted form, they also contain enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, which prevents absorption of minerals. Sprouting neutralizes some phytic acid, thus improving mineral absorption, and removes some enzyme inhibitors, improving overall digestibility. To put it simply, sprouted nuts and seeds offer more nutrition and make for easier digestion than their unsprouted counterparts. Try some and let me know what you think!

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