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New in the Deli

Can't Stand the Heat? Get Out of the Kitchen and Into the Deli

Erik Lucas,
Delicatessen Manager

lunch-counter-smIf it's too hot to cook, GreenStar Deli can come to your rescue, with main and side dishes for everyone.

The dog days of summer! Who wants to cook when it's hazy, hot, and humid? Not you? Then swing by the Deli @ GreenStar, where we've got dinner covered for chicken, fish, or tofu lovers. And oh my, do we have side dishes! The Finger Lakes farmers have gone above and beyond this year, and the cooks can't thank them enough. Greens, summer squashes, tomatoes, cabbages, herbs, peppers, cucumbers, and more — all making their way via our coolers onto your plates. Look for new fresh salsas come late summer harvest, and think beyond chips! I've been topping everything with salsa lately: on eggs in the morning, salad at lunch, and chicken or fish at dinner. Also, remember as you plan the last of those summer parties that GreenStar Catering can gorgeously fulfill your food needs and The Space @ GreenStar is here to host you. Yes, we have air conditioning!

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