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New in the Deli

Chao, Bella!

Erik Lucas,
Delicatessen Manager

chao-vegan-cheeseIf you like Field Roast products, you'll be excited about their new vegan cheese, Chao Slices, in three flavors.

We've got a new vegan cheese from the folks who continue to offer so many delicious vegan meat alternatives — Chao Slices, by Field Roast. They can be found on the top shelf of our cheese case, with oodles of other vegan cheese options! Chao Slices are a vegan, coconut-based cheese alternative seasoned with a traditionally fermented soy product called chao by the Vietnamese. Field Roast blends Asian and European traditions by partnering a family in Taiwan, who makes the chao, with a Greek cheesemaker located in Seattle. Instead of relying upon traditional dairy cheese flavors, they've come up with flavors that "celebrate the brilliance of the plant-based kingdom": Coconut Herb with Black Pepper, Creamy Original with Chao Tofu, and Tomato Cayenne with Spicy Peppers. Try pairing them with Field Roast Deli Slices for a terrific sandwich, slap one onto a hand-formed Field Roast Burger for a cheeseburger, slice into salads, or just eat 'em plain! Grilled cheese, anyone?

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