Beyond Food: A Sustainable Landscape

Tuesday, 31 March 2009 09:30

By Dan Segal

As more people choose clean, healthy, local food, it’s clear most of us have more than one reason for our choices. We may want to support farming methods we see as cleaner, safer and healthier for all creatures—an endorsement. We may want to keep more of our money in the local economy. For some it’s about community, the vibrant, essential bonds that good food nurtures. Of course all these reasons make sense, and at some level, they’re factors for just about all of us. Most people don’t realize, however, that the same factors can, and should, steer their decisions about landscape plants, even those that aren’t edible.

In general, landscapes are often considered “green,” regardless of the history of the plant material. The nursery and landscape trades often call themselves “The Green Industry,” but once you see behind the curtain — how plants are branded, mass-marketed and mass-produced in the world of big, commercial horticulture — you’ll feel the same way about your landscape plants as you do about your food — that the plants themselves embody the integrity of the process — and you’ll prefer the cleaner stuff. Since the current big horticulture model for selling nursery plants keeps you in the dark about methods and history, I feel someone needs to spur progress by taking the first step: giving an insider’s view of how most plants are produced, and what happens to them before they reach your garden. As a nurseryman I’ve been growing plants for almost 20 years, and I’ve always worked outside the mainstream — by choice, largely because of what I know about how things are done “on the inside.

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Keeping the Green in GreenStar

Tuesday, 31 March 2009 09:28

By Kristie Snyder,
GreenLeaf Editor

In April, “going green” is on all of our minds as we prepare to celebrate the 39th annual Earth Day, mindful of the urgent threats of climate change and the challenges we face in creating a sustainable society. Being “green” is a central part of what GreenStar is all about — it’s right there in our name —  and we’ve long used the color green to express who we are, a tradition continued with our new logo.

Part of GreenStar’s mission statement is “exercising ecological responsibility and leadership.” In September 2003, Council passed its Ecological Responsibility and Leadership Policy, charging the General Manager with ensuring that “the store’s activities and practices, including its product line, minimize negative impacts and maximize positive impacts on the environment and that GreenStar takes a leadership role in exercising ecological responsibility.”

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GM Supports Patronage Refund System

Friday, 31 October 2008 11:09


By Bini Reilly,
General Manager

Upon arriving at GreenStar, I learned that a patronage refund system was soon to be voted on by the membership. I believe member-owners should vote in support of this bylaws change. Membership in GreenStar means you are a member-owner in this community-based enterprise. As such, you should want to ensure the continued and future viability of the Co-op.  It is the right thing, as a member-owner, not to take monies out of the Co-op until you know that the Co-op is financially stable.

Every month, GreenLeaf prints the seven Cooperative Principles, to which GreenStar subscribes (see page 4). The principle that describes how a cooperative compensates member-owners is Principle 3: Member Economic Participation, as defined by the International Co-operative Alliance:

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