Gas Drilling in the Finger Lakes: How Will It Affect Us?

Friday, 31 July 2009 15:40

By Sandy Podulka


The powerful and poorly-regulated natural gas-drilling industry is moving into our area, and so far it’s been very much under the public radar. The numerous unconventional gas wells planned will dramatically transform our landscape—bringing the greatest change since the original forests were cut.  Gas drilling will touch every aspect of our lives.  If we can better understand the risks involved, we can work to help mitigate the damage and to better protect ourselves and our community.

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GreenStar to Calculate New Livable Wage Rate for 2010

Thursday, 04 June 2009 15:09

By Kristie Snyder, 

GreenLeaf Editor

The current federal minimum wage will be $7.25 per hour as of July 24. For a person working full time, that amounts to an annual salary of $15,080. That’s about $8,000 too little, according to Alternatives Federal Credit Union, which calculates that a single adult requires an annual, before-tax income of $23,103 in order to make ends meet in Tompkins County in 2009. The hourly wage needed to make that annual salary is called a livable wage (or living wage) — the amount of money needed to purchase housing, food, transportation, health care and other needs, and make a modest savings contribution.

AFCU recently announced its calculation for the 2009 livable wage in Tompkins County — $11.11 per hour. This is the base wage that AFCU pays its employees, and the figure is used by other county employers committed to paying a livable wage. GreenStar, which has been paying a livable wage to its employees since Jan. 2004, will soon calculate its new livable wage rate as well.

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Ithaca Business Targets Toxins

Saturday, 02 May 2009 09:09

By Alexa Besgen, 

GreenLeaf Intern

Before he was examining the toxicity of New York state, Walter Hang was trying to cure cancer. Spending hours in labs testing chemicals on mice and giving children doses of chemotherapy wasn’t as rewarding as he thought it would be, and he soon realized he wasn’t helping as much as he wanted to. Hang, who is the founder of Ithaca’s Toxics Targeting, says he knew exactly what he wanted to do after stumbling upon a cancer map in a library. His mission? To protect public health from environmental causes of cancer. “When I saw that cancer map, that’s when it hit me,” he says. “I thought, if we could prevent the public’s exposure, then we wouldn’t have to treat or cure anything.”

Hang’s interest in the effects of toxic chemicals started when he was a junior researcher with NYPIRG (New York Public Interest Research Group), hired to look at wastewater discharges and dumps. After lobbying in Albany, and conducting endless amounts of research, Hang discovered that there were inadequately controlled wastewater discharges, which, when left untreated, can elevate the level of toxic chemicals in drinking water along with cancer mortality rates.

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