Education that Nutures

Wednesday, 01 August 2007 06:40

By Dr. Deanna Berman and Bill Strauss

In today’s highly competitive world, one educational approach stands out in its embrace of children as both spiritual and physical beings. The Waldorf approach cherishes childhood and contends that children need the chance to imagine, create, connect to their physical world, and be participants in a social community as an essential part of a healthy life.

In this way, the early years of a Waldorf education focus on the expressive arts of song, dance, music, language, hand-work, and a variety of artistic mediums. In this setting, the work of the child is to play and create, imagine and sing, while learning social skills of timing, rhythm, and cooperation. With this focus, the “push” to learn and the “race” for grades are almost non-existent. This approach inherently leads to a greater sense of social health and well-being. Given the sickness and stress many of us see see in our own lives, perhaps letting our children have an opportunity to experience themselves through their head, heart, and hands, to learn reverence for the environment and participate in activities that foster healthy society makes more sense than ever.

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Taking a Stand on Global Warming

Thursday, 31 May 2007 09:37

By Sigrid Kulkowitz

Many of us have accepted for years that pollution of all sorts was a problem wreaking havoc on our internal and external environments. We have watched many things get worse. If you were like me, though I tried to be conscious, I also had blinders on to exactly how bad things had gotten. I preferred to maintain a certain comfort level, and to keep that feeling of being overwhelmed at bay.

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Not Only Food, Just Food

Thursday, 31 May 2007 09:16

By Felix Teitelbaum,
GreenLeaf Managing Editor


“The problem,” says Lael Gerhart of Cornell Cooperative Extension, “is that healthy food is expensive.”

Though this problem is of national (indeed global) proportions, locally, Gerhart and the Healthy Food for All project are helping to bring food equity to area residents.
The project, which begins its second season this month, has created a partnership between local farmers, GreenStar, the Ithaca Health Alliance, and United Way to provide affordable, healthy foods straight from the farm to local households in need.

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