Lucky '13?

Tuesday, 01 January 2013 22:23

maya-calendar-1If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.

— Maya Angelou

By Joe Romano, 

Marketing Manager

Although the world was predicted to end at the end of December 2012, on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula Mayas "continue their daily lives, industriously pedaling three-wheeled bikes laden with family members and animal fodder down table-flat roads. They tell rhyming off-color jokes at dances, and pull chairs out onto the sidewalk in the evening to chat and enjoy the relative cool after a hot day," according to the Associated Press, who joined thousands of other news outlets in the small town of Uh-May, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, gathering a story that, if proved true, would never be reported.

They found many of the residents living simply in thatched, oval, mud-and-stick houses designed mostly for natural air conditioning against the oppressive heat of the Yucatan, where they plant corn, harvest oranges, and raise pigs.

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Black History Poetry and Essay Contest

Monday, 17 December 2012 01:56


Seventh Annual Black History Month International Poetry Contest

Sponsored by GreenStar Co-op Market and GreenStar Community Projects, The Moonlighter Press, Alternatives Federal Credit Union, Sustainable Tompkins and Rainbow Healing Dance Center Inc.

Contest Theme:

How to promote food justice and healthy eating in impoverished communities. What has to change?

Deadline February 25, 2013

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Our Just Desserts

Friday, 30 November 2012 14:47

scary-cakesI liked gravy poured on top of a big glob of mashed potatoes, I liked biscuits a lot, and a lot of them. I liked going to the state fair and having a fried Twinkie. They were my choices. They were bad choices.

— Mike Huckabee, presidential candidate

By Joe Romano,

Marketing Manager

Just recently, a great victory for the natural foods movement was announced. "We ceased baking this morning," said Anita-Marie Laurie, a Hostess spokeswoman. And with those words, Ms. Laurie signaled the death knell for what had long been a very guilty American pleasure: the Twinkie.

While we can expect at least a black market resurrection, namely that everyone who had a Twinkie sitting on their dashboard for the past twenty years could now post it in "mint condition" on eBay for a king's ransom, this also means the demise of Ho-Hos, Ring Dings, Sno Balls, Ding Dongs, Suzy Qs, Raspberry Zingers, Funny Bones, Yodels, and both Yankee and Sunny Doodles.

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