Get Vocal About Local

Thursday, 01 March 2012 12:55


By Joe Romano, 

Marketing Manager

gs-community-marketI think that in many ways the local elections are even more important than the national elections. It's the mayors and the city councils and county commissioners and the school boards and the legislators that decide how to spend the money they fleece off of us in taxes.

— Jello Biafra

The city of Ithaca recently held its elections and chose a new mayor, but many of our smaller localities will hold elections in this month of March. Village elections for Cayuga Heights, Dryden, Groton and Trumansburg will be decided on March 20, and these elections, though small, perhaps more directly affect the quality of life that people experience in their communities and are more likely to have consequences regarding their homes, schools, property and taxes than do national elections.

GreenStar recognizes how important local is, and is constantly trying to make our part of the world a better place. This month sees the continuation of farmer's market offerings at The Space @ GreenStar, our community shared retail space on Court Street, with the opening of the Community Farmer's Market there.

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Ombuds Program Sprouts at GreenStar

Friday, 03 February 2012 21:39


By The Ombuds Advisory Committee

ombudsStarting in February, the GreenStar Ombuds program will be available to member-owners and staff who have questions, concerns, conflicts or issues relating to GreenStar. The Ombuds Program offers an independent and impartial resource for all stakeholders of the GreenStar community.

Two GreenStar member-owners, D. ("Dee") Scott and Evie Weinstein, were selected by Council's Ombuds Advisory Committee as GreenStar's first Ombuds. The Advisory Committee includes Co-op staff, members, and Council officers. D. and Evie will be available to answer questions, provide information, make inquiries, and help to develop a range of options for users of this service. Both Evie and D. have backgrounds in social work and share a primary goal of coaching individuals on how concerns brought to their attention may be resolved through the parties' own efforts. The Ombuds service provided will be held in strict confidence, and there will be no identification of individuals using the Ombuds Program.

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Around Town: Occupy Ithaca

Friday, 03 February 2012 21:21


By Zuri Sabir

occupy tent_450If you "google" the words "opinion on," the fourth search suggestion to appear is "opinion on Occupy Wall Street" — listed only behind the heavy hitters "opinion on abortion," "opinion on death penalty" and "opinion on gay marriage." The associated headlines include "Why Occupy Wall Street will Keep up the Fight," from the Washington Post, "Survey Finds Rising Perception of Class Tension" and "The Occupy Wall Street Movement Is No Tahrir Square" (the Cairo location of peaceful pro-democracy protests in Egypt). There are many opinions on how this ongoing movement has and will fit into the American landscape and, wherever you stand on the issues it summons to criticize, it is hard to ignore that, in a short amount of time, Occupy Wall Street has lodged its way into the general zeitgeist of our times. It is providing a platform for many to express their concerns about America's future.

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  • By Alexis Alexander, 

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    blue-sky-mission-clubI'm thrilled to announce that Blue Sky Mission Club will perform at our annual Springtime Dance Party in the Parking Lot on Thursday, May 21. As every Ithaca dance-lover knows, May is the month when the outdoor music-and-dance season begins in earnest, brightening our lives as the rich bounty of local talent fills the streets and parks throughout the region. What...



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