New Product Line Policy: Products Subject to Special Treatment

Council - Special News

Friday, 30 November 2007 10:40


  • Whole/Fresh foods
  • Nutritious foods (to include offering sugar-free alternatives whenever possible)
  • Organic food
  • Products without artificial additives, including rBgh-free products
  • Locally or regionally produced goods
  • Bulk goods; Other products with little or no packaging
  • Packaging that is locally recyclable or reusable (vs. packaging that is not)
  • Animal products from free-range/uncaged animals (vs. those from non-free-range animals)
  • Non-red meat satisfying Criteria for Fair Treatment of Animals (vs. such meat that does not)
  • Fairly-traded products (from other countries)
  • Goods produced or distributed by cooperatives
  • Goods from small-scale/independent producers


  • Food with artificial additives
  • Bioengineered food (until prohibition takes effect in December 2009) [new]
  • White sugar (as a non-major ingredient; otherwise prohibited) [formerly prohibited]
  • Chocolate that is not fairly-traded (but otherwise complies with restrictions) [formerly restricted]
  • Products from animals treated with bovine growth hormone (rBgh) [new]
  • Plastic packaging (replace with product in non-plastic packaging, when available)
  • Aseptic packaging (for packages smaller than 1 liter)*

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