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Tuesday, 01 May 2012 11:36


By 12th Moon,

Council President

11-5-12thMoon-72dpiCouncil met on Tuesday, April 17 in The Space @ GreenStar. We received one member's comments and then moved on to the General Manager's (GM) monthly report. Brandon Kane, GM, was attending a National GM's conference in New Mexico and could not be present, but his report informed us of improvements planned for the air conditioning and a recent reset to accommodate a new hot and cold food bar, both at Oasis. We learned that additional parking, north of The Space, has been cleared for our staff to use on busy days. Improvements have also been made to our waste and recycling practices and we are now obtaining half of our electricity needs from renewable resources. The report showed that our finances are better than budgeted and our membership numbers continue to grow.

We next passed two resolutions: to change the authorizations of managers with access to our bank accounts, due to the hiring of a new Finance Manager; and to have a manager able to make changes when the GM is not available.

Staff have been creating a more informative Annual Report this year that is intended to provide our members with much more information about the good things that GreenStar is doing in our community and within the co-op world nationally. Rather than the usual four-page report, this year's plan is to produce a much longer piece, which will also cost more than had been budgeted for. A proposal was approved to go ahead with the longer report, which will better inform our members and also solicit email addresses, allowing future reports to be sent out electronically to save paper and mailing costs.

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Council Transitions to Policy Governance

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Tuesday, 01 May 2012 11:24

By Melissa Blake,
Vice Chair, Governance and 
Monitoring Committee and Policy Review Committee

11-6-Melissa-Blake-72dpiGreenStar's Council wants to let you know where we are in the process of transitioning to Policy Governance, and what the changes mean so far. You may recall that the goals of Policy Governance include clarified roles and parameters for the Board (Council) and the executive (General Manager, or GM); ongoing evaluation and accountability of Council and the GM; and a Council focused on larger issues, visioning for the Co-op's future, and connecting to our members and community.

In the Policy Governance system, policies are organized into Ends policies and Means policies. Ends policies are organizational goals; they are labeled "A" policies. All others are Means policies. These include "B" or General Manager Limitations Policies, which give parameters within which the GM is empowered to make decisions; "C" or Council Process Policies, which describe how the Council does its job and holds itself accountable; and "D" or Council/Management Relationship Policies, which describe how the GM is supervised and how compliance with "A" and "B" Policies is monitored.

So far, Council has approved 29 new B, C, and D policies and repealed 19 now-obsolete policies. We have completed a preliminary review of the rest of our pre-Policy Governance policies to identify others needing re-writing or repeal, have received GM monitoring reports based on the new policies, and have begun writing Council's Annual Work Plan/Calendar, which includes the GM's and Council's own monitoring schedule.

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Meet the 2012 Council Candidates

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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 19:00

BabuszczakJan-Rhodes-Norman-BWLenzenweger-BWMD edit_BranfordMD edit_BritonMD edit_KeoghMD edit_RamishMD Edit_Zhang

1. What skills, experience, education or training do you have that is relevant to serving on GreenStar's board of directors? (Are you currently or have you previously been on Council? If so, for how long?)

2. What life experiences or perspectives can you bring to Council that would help Council better represent the Membership?

3. What do you think are the most important issues for Council to be working on at this time?

4. One of Council's primary roles is listening to our members and keeping them informed as to important Co-op developments and upcoming discussions. What are your ideas or concerns about the involvement of the Membership in Co-op matters?

5. What would you like GreenStar's involvement with or connection to the larger community to be?

6. Is there anything else you want to say to the voters?

See the candidates' responses


Vote in April for Council Candidates and 
Proposed Bylaws Changes

Council - Council News

Sunday, 01 April 2012 17:28

Meet the candidates, read their statements.

By 12th Moon, 

Council President


11-5-12thMoon-72dpiOn March 13 Council met in The Space @ GreenStar, enjoying the spring-like weather, with four of our declared Council candidates in attendance. I'd like to remind you to exercise your unique opportunity as a GreenStar member to vote during the month of April. Please review the candidates' statements and proposed Bylaws changes (these are also posted in the stores and included in the Spring Member Mailing which was also sent to members' homes). Also be on the lookout for our GreenStar Annual Report in its new format this year. This will be available at the Spring Member Meeting, chock-full of good news about our co-op.

After beginning our meeting with a round of introductions and a few announcements, we moved on to receive the monthly General Manager's (GM) Report. Our GM, Brandon Kane, reported that both stores and the warehouse building will be receiving improvements to their refrigeration units and Oasis will be getting a salad bar and expanding its hot bar offerings. He also reported that he has been working on a business plan for a possible GreenStar satellite store in the Collegetown Crossings development, to assess the viability of the project, which is contingent on the city's approving variances. At the West-End location, a revitalized "Delicatessen @ GreenStar" was introduced to our customers in March, and negotiations are underway for additional nearby store parking. Sales at both stores are above budget, a testament to the ongoing careful efforts of our staff members. Last month, Council was introduced to our new Operations Manager, Sara Paulison, former Grocery Manager at the West-End store, and this month we learned that Joe Marraffino was hired as the new Finance Manager. Joe was appointed to Council at our November 2011 meeting and has subsequently resigned to accept the Finance Manager position. All of us on Council wish you luck in your new position, Joe, and thank you for your continuing service to our co-op. We also heard that both our regular memberships and FLOWER program memberships continue to grow. We currently have a total of over 8,000 members, including over 300 member-workers. Soon the findings from the recent membership survey will be made available. Great work all around— thanks to you, all of our staff.

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Proposed Bylaws Changes

Vote on Proposed Bylaws Changes During April

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Sunday, 01 April 2012 15:20


By Michael Hoysic, 

Bylaws Review Committee Member

The GreenStar Membership has the opportunity to vote during the month of April on ten sets of proposed bylaws changes. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the proposed changes and vote. Read an explanation and the complete text of each set. Paper copies are available in the voting areas at both stores, or read the Spring Member Mailing, due in members' mailboxes in early April. The sets are as follows:

Set 1: Giving Membership Authority over the Co-op's Mission Statement

Set 2: Changing Requirements for Member Petitions Seeking a Vote at a Meeting

Set 3: Qualifying Member Access to Certain Co-op Documents/Information

Set 4: Shortening the Notice Period for Membership Meetings

Set 5: Clarifying Council's Duty to Communicate with the Membership

Set 6: Changing Date that Determines Number of Vacancies to be Filled in Council Elections

Set 7: Providing for Electronic Notice of Council Meetings

Set 8: Establishing a Time Limit for Collection of Petition Signatures

Set 9: Requiring Same Quorum for Dissolution Meeting as for Other Member Meetings

Set 10: Allowing for Electronic Voting and Establishing Voting Periods during Membership Votes

All ten sets were recommended by the Bylaws Review Committee (BRC) and by Council for member approval.

Members will have an opportunity to hear more about these proposed changes, to discuss them and to ask questions at a Member Forum with open mic time scheduled for Thursday, April 12 and at the Spring Annual Membership Meeting scheduled for Friday, April 20. Please familiarize yourself with these ten sets of proposed changes and vote during the April 1-30 period.



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