Vote in April for Council Candidates and 
Proposed Bylaws Changes

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Sunday, 01 April 2012 17:28

Meet the candidates, read their statements.

By 12th Moon, 

Council President


11-5-12thMoon-72dpiOn March 13 Council met in The Space @ GreenStar, enjoying the spring-like weather, with four of our declared Council candidates in attendance. I'd like to remind you to exercise your unique opportunity as a GreenStar member to vote during the month of April. Please review the candidates' statements and proposed Bylaws changes (these are also posted in the stores and included in the Spring Member Mailing which was also sent to members' homes). Also be on the lookout for our GreenStar Annual Report in its new format this year. This will be available at the Spring Member Meeting, chock-full of good news about our co-op.

After beginning our meeting with a round of introductions and a few announcements, we moved on to receive the monthly General Manager's (GM) Report. Our GM, Brandon Kane, reported that both stores and the warehouse building will be receiving improvements to their refrigeration units and Oasis will be getting a salad bar and expanding its hot bar offerings. He also reported that he has been working on a business plan for a possible GreenStar satellite store in the Collegetown Crossings development, to assess the viability of the project, which is contingent on the city's approving variances. At the West-End location, a revitalized "Delicatessen @ GreenStar" was introduced to our customers in March, and negotiations are underway for additional nearby store parking. Sales at both stores are above budget, a testament to the ongoing careful efforts of our staff members. Last month, Council was introduced to our new Operations Manager, Sara Paulison, former Grocery Manager at the West-End store, and this month we learned that Joe Marraffino was hired as the new Finance Manager. Joe was appointed to Council at our November 2011 meeting and has subsequently resigned to accept the Finance Manager position. All of us on Council wish you luck in your new position, Joe, and thank you for your continuing service to our co-op. We also heard that both our regular memberships and FLOWER program memberships continue to grow. We currently have a total of over 8,000 members, including over 300 member-workers. Soon the findings from the recent membership survey will be made available. Great work all around— thanks to you, all of our staff.

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Proposed Bylaws Changes


Vote on Proposed Bylaws Changes During April

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Sunday, 01 April 2012 15:20


By Michael Hoysic, 

Bylaws Review Committee Member

The GreenStar Membership has the opportunity to vote during the month of April on ten sets of proposed bylaws changes. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the proposed changes and vote. Read an explanation and the complete text of each set. Paper copies are available in the voting areas at both stores, or read the Spring Member Mailing, due in members' mailboxes in early April. The sets are as follows:

Set 1: Giving Membership Authority over the Co-op's Mission Statement

Set 2: Changing Requirements for Member Petitions Seeking a Vote at a Meeting

Set 3: Qualifying Member Access to Certain Co-op Documents/Information

Set 4: Shortening the Notice Period for Membership Meetings

Set 5: Clarifying Council's Duty to Communicate with the Membership

Set 6: Changing Date that Determines Number of Vacancies to be Filled in Council Elections

Set 7: Providing for Electronic Notice of Council Meetings

Set 8: Establishing a Time Limit for Collection of Petition Signatures

Set 9: Requiring Same Quorum for Dissolution Meeting as for Other Member Meetings

Set 10: Allowing for Electronic Voting and Establishing Voting Periods during Membership Votes

All ten sets were recommended by the Bylaws Review Committee (BRC) and by Council for member approval.

Members will have an opportunity to hear more about these proposed changes, to discuss them and to ask questions at a Member Forum with open mic time scheduled for Thursday, April 12 and at the Spring Annual Membership Meeting scheduled for Friday, April 20. Please familiarize yourself with these ten sets of proposed changes and vote during the April 1-30 period.


Bylaws Changes Return for a Member Vote

Council - Announcements

Thursday, 01 March 2012 13:43


By Michael Hoysic, 

Bylaws Review Committee Member

Last fall, GreenStar's Membership voted on ten sets of Bylaws 10 Sets Changes 2012. Unfortunately, fewer than the minimum required 200 votes for a bylaws change were received, rendering the vote invalid. The Bylaws Review Committee (BRC) reviewed the ballots that were cast to get a sense of the Membership's support for the proposed changes. Of the ten sets, only set number ten (proposing term limits for Council members) did not receive at least two-thirds majority of the votes (in fact, the majority of the votes cast for this set were against the change).

The BRC decided to recommend to Council that we re-submit sets 1-9 to the Membership for a vote in spring 2012, and not to re-submit set 10 (on term limits). However, a new set 10 was recommended — a bylaws change that would allow for electronic voting during future Membership votes. At their Feb. 14 meeting, Council approved these ten sets (including the new set 10, on electronic voting) to go to the Membership for a vote in conjunction with the Annual Membership Meeting to be held on April 20, 2012. Council also voted to recommend the adoption of all ten sets of these proposed changes.

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GreenStar Explores Collegetown Store Option; Bylaws Vote Returns in Spring

Council - Council News

Thursday, 01 March 2012 13:00


By 12th Moon,

Council President

11-5-12thMoon-72dpiCouncil held its Feb. 14 meeting at The Space with GreenStar's newly hired Operations Manager, Sara Paulison, sitting in for our General Manager (GM), Brandon Kane, who was on vacation. Welcome and congratulations to Sara for the promotion and twelve years of service to our co-op.

After introductions and during our agenda review, we added a short item to the agenda, to update our Council Election Policy to reflect the change made two years ago incorporating two committees, the Governance and the Policy Monitoring committees, into one committee called the Governance and Monitoring Committee. The amendment passed without much discussion.

We next received the monthly GM Report that Brandon had submitted with the agenda packet, and noted that the stores are doing very well and are maintaining a steady pace of improvements to their infrastructures. The Information Services department has been busy upgrading our computer services to integrate both stores more fluidly and to protect us against internet down time. Oasis is progressing with planned improvements and the Deli Department is working on even more new offerings (see the article on page 1 for details). The Winter Farmers Market held in The Space @ GreenStar during January and February has been a great success, and provides one more example of the community service our ownership of the building has allowed us to offer.

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Bylaws Proposed Changes Move to Membership Vote

Council - Special News

Friday, 17 February 2012 15:19



The GreenStar Council has approved a series of proposed bylaws changes to go to the membership for a vote in April of 2012. The Bylaws Review Committee was formed to oversee this process.

The Committee is looking for informed members who would like to write a pro or con statement on one or more of the proposed 10 sets (see the Proposed Amendments document) to appear in the upcoming Spring Member Mailing. The statements are part of the information made available regarding the April bylaws vote.

You must indicate your interest in writing a statement by:

WEDNESDAY, February 22

If selected to write a statement – it is due by:

TUESDAY, February 28

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