Too Few Ballots Cast in Bylaws Change Vote

Council - Special News

Friday, 25 November 2011 14:04

Ethan Winn,
Vice President

At 6:30 pm on Nov. 17, the tellers for the most recent member vote on ten sets of proposed bylaws changes found that the number of valid member ballots cast did not meet the required minimum amount of 200 votes:

  • 189 total ballots were received.
  • 185 of those were valid ballots, according to current bylaws requirements.
  • 4 ballots were invalid due to lack of identifying information.

Council will certify the election results at the December 13 Council Meeting.



GreenStar Seeks Member Opinions on Upcoming Decisions on Member Equity and Store Expansion

Council - Special News

Thursday, 03 November 2011 02:44


By Ethan Winn, 

Membership Committee Chair

ExpansionYour Voice Is Important!

In advance of the Fall Member Meeting, GreenStar held the Fall Member Forum in early October. Though attendance was not as high as some of us would have liked, the event was a valuable opportunity for members, Council-members and staff to connect and discuss a wide range of important topics. Together, we explored directions the Co-op might go in terms of expansion, increasing member equity and further involving GreenStar's membership in the important decisions that we'll be tackling in the coming year. We look forward to continuing these discussions with a wider representation of our membership as we continue to move toward expansion and a revision of our equity system.

Expansion is always an exciting topic of conversation.  It is amazing to step back and contemplate how our collective resources can grow and produce truly magical results. Take, for instance, GreenStar as it is today: one of Ithaca's premier businesses that has grown directly out of the collective contributions and hard work of so many over the past 40 years.

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Council Discusses Rules for Member-Initiated Petitions; Signs Consulting Agreement for Expansion-

Council - Council News

Thursday, 03 November 2011 02:39

 By 12th Moon, 

Council President

11-5-12thMoon-72dpiCouncil met on Tuesday, Oct. 11 in The Space with three member-owners in attendance, two of whom are applying to be appointed to Council. We started the meeting seven minutes late as we awaited the mandatory minimum number of Council members needed to reach quorum. During the time allotted for announcements, we were encouraged to table in the stores regarding a few upcoming October events and member-related issues, including supporting the proposed bylaws changes that Council has recommended (or presented as in the case of one set) to our membership for a vote from Oct. 15 through Nov. 15, and receiving member feedback prior to a possible membership vote in the spring to increase our member equity contribution and change the time frame for arriving at full equity.

The monthly General Manager (GM) report came next and we learned that not only that the stores are both performing above budgeted expectations, but that the West-End store actually broke a new record by having over three hundred thousand dollars of sales in the thirty-sixth week of the year. Managers and staff are busy making preparations for the holiday season soon upon us and working to finalize the stores' operational budgets for 2012. It was also reported that we are seeing very positive results from our participation at the Farmers' Market at Cornell, as well as through our FLOWER discount program (both resulting in increased new memberships), and through continuing discussions we've been having with leaders of our community from GIAC, the Southside Community Center and the Multi-Cultural Resource Center to better serve our shared goals of a more diverse and equitable culture with healthy food available to and affordable for all people in our community.

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Vote on Bylaws Changes from October 15 through November 15

Council - Special News

Thursday, 13 October 2011 16:57

GreenStar-2011-Fall-Mailing-coverAt its August 9 meeting, Council approved ten sets of proposed bylaws changes to go to the Membership for a vote from October 15 through November 15. The Bylaws Review Committee has been discussing these proposed changes in the last several issues of GreenLeaf. The changes are presented in this mailing for voting in ten sets. Members can vote "yes" or "no" on each set but not on individual items in within the set. The complete language of the proposed changes starts on page 8 of the Fall Mailing and in the stores. Below are the titles given to each set, with a brief summary of each.

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Council Sets Bylaws Election Period of Oct. 15-Nov. 15; Approves Council Compensation

Council - Council News

Saturday, 01 October 2011 22:55

By 12th Moon,

Council President

11-5-12thMoon-72dpiMeeting in "The Space" on Sept. 13, Council approved eight items from our agenda, six unanimously, and tabled another two items, one for clarification and one because of a lack of time. As was noted while we considered a draft of the Council 2012 budget, it has been a great assistance to have our own location available for our Council, committee and membership meetings, providing adequate parking, consistency of location and an estimated savings of a thousand dollars just for room rentals.


Our General Manager (GM), Brandon Kane, was away attending a national GM meeting in Massachusetts, but his monthly report showed the stores doing well, with Oasis recording an impressive customer count that approached half that seen at the West-End store for one week as students returned. It was noted that our staff performed exceedingly well during a viral attack to our main computers, which disabled our discount system at the registers and generally wreaked havoc for two days. Many thanks to all of our customers who took the inconveniences well, to our great Customer Service staff and especially to Jeremy and Jonathan, our Information Services troopers, for a couple of way long hard days.

In preparation for fulfilling our goal of expanding our main store to a larger one owned and built by us, we next discussed contract negotiations with the National Cooperative Grocers Association Development Cooperative (NCGA/DC). Unfortunately, negotiations regarding an agreement with NCGA/DC to assist us with all phases of our expansion projects had not been resolved in time for our meeting (for further information please see the Council News column in September's GreenLeaf). A major expansion project will take us years to complete, and a certain urgency exists to get the process started before current opportunities change. To that end I will be calling for an Immediacies Committee meeting in conjunction with our regularly scheduled Executive Planning Committee meeting in September with the hopes that our questions will have been answered and negotiations resolved.

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