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coop kitchen_bannerLike the yellow brick road in the movie classic, the path to healthier living isn't always easy to travel. While a new world of foods and flavors lies beyond pre-packaged and oftentimes overly processed foods, starting any new journey can be a little daunting. Your Co-op is hoping to make it easier with the new video series, Co+op Kitchen. Designed to demonstrate basic techniques while demystifying some of the ingredients you might find at GreenStar, the series includes information and easy recipes for making delicious meals at home. Co+op Kitchen features step-by-step video instructions and handy hints from chefs and food enthusiasts who love sharing their passion for great food. Where cooking is concerned, there’s no place like home!

Co+op Kitchen

Co+op Kitchen Trailer

Co+op Kitchen Trailer
Co+op Kitchen Trailer
56 sec.
Views: 3884
Grow Your Own Sprouts: Co+op Kitchen
Beans: Co+op Kitchen
Beans: Co+op Kitchen
145 sec.
Views: 634
Pan Frying Tofu: Co+op Kitchen
Pan Frying Tofu: Co+op Kitchen
124 sec.
Views: 829

Choosing and Storing Tofu: Co+op Kitchen
Make Sauces from Scratch: Co+op Kitchen
Tempeh: Co+op Kitchen
Tempeh: Co+op Kitchen
146 sec.
Views: 886
Sea Vegetables: Co+op Kitchen
Sea Vegetables: Co+op Kitchen
92 sec.
Views: 547

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