Council Seats Committee Members-at-Large; Elects Officers for This Year


By 12th Moon,

Council President

11-5-12thMoon-72dpiCouncil met in The Space @ GreenStar at 6:30 on July 9, with thirteen of our fifteen members in attendance. After our introductions and statements of preparedness we all individually filled out a copy of our new Conflict of Interest forms and submitted them to our Secretary for posting and archiving.

The first regular item was the General Manager's (GM) monthly report. Our GM, Brandon Kane, updated us on progress toward realizing our central bakery and kitchen. He told us that the bidding process for equipment was almost completed, and that the construction bids were still being negotiated with an emphasis being placed on having the general assembly/meeting space completed as soon as possible in order that we may begin to use the space for our meetings and for public gatherings. Our community is in dire need of a large gathering space. Brandon brought a request from the Area Supervisors (AS) team, consisting of all fourteen department managers, that Council look to redefine our definition of local and regional. Local is currently defined as within fifty miles and regional includes goods grown or produced within New York or Pennsylvania. Both classifications require at least eighty percent of ingredients to be sourced within these geographical limitations. The requested change would define local as within 100 miles and regional as within 300 miles.

Brandon also reported that we are working with How Good, Inc. (, a product rating service, to produce GreenStar-specific tags over the next two months. In the future, How Good will have a shopping app for customers, and GreenStar will be a test point for a service kiosk that will show Co-op-specific products and the details as to why they received their rating from How Good. (See the article on page 1 for more details.) Brandon also reported that we have signed onto the Non-GMO Project's retail initiative ( This means there will be info in our stores available for customers regarding products certified as GMO-free and what foods to avoid. We will also be testing a phone app that can be used to shop GMO-free.

Our next three items were interrelated. First, we approved an adjustment to our Council Calendar/Workplan for June '13 through May '14 to move the submission of information for our Spring and Fall Membership meetings, and any associated mailings, to a month earlier for this and subsequent years. We then authorized a proposed bylaws change, which would set conditions for member equity to be returned to a member, to go to a membership vote in October pending review by a NY state cooperative law lawyer. And, finally, we approved an informational Member Forum and open mic meeting, to discuss the proposed bylaws change and to serve as a forum for member-owners to air suggestions and comments, to be held Monday, Oct. 7 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. We also approved the content of the Fall Member mailing and the agenda, time, date, and place for our Fall Membership Meeting as Friday, Oct. 18, tentatively to be held at GIAC.

We next approved the seating of Members-at-Large on our committees for the Council calendar year. Prior to our mid-meeting break, we went into Executive Session to discuss and approve a request to terminate a member-owner's membership for unacceptable behavior in our store.

After our break, we approved past Council minutes and moved on to elect officers for the coming year. I am honored and pleased to report that all four current officers were reelected for another term: Tara Gross as Vice President, Chris Negronida as Treasurer, Jessica Rossi as Secretary, and myself as President. Much appreciation to this team for the work accomplished last year and the service to our co-op for another year.

A proposal for as much as $600 for the purchase of a laptop to be used by our Board Administrator (BA) was approved next. The newly expanded workload for the BA and the sometimes conflicting scheduling requests to use the GreenStar floating laptop led to this decision.

Our next item, our review of our own adherence to the conditions of Policy C.5 Council Code of Conduct, was tabled as we had exhausted much time on some of the previous discussions and decisions.

The next item on our agenda, a proposed amendment to the Official Personnel Policy regarding the grievance process, was pulled from the agenda by the Personnel Committee as they were going to suggest further amendments, which requires time for staff to review the proposals and make comments. The time saved was well spent, as a request had come from the GM the week before to move funds from two different lines in the stores' 2013 budget to other lines to cover the costs associated with improvements to the West-End store's parking lot and to upgrade our stores' computer software to include a new inventory module. Both requests were approved.

Next the date and time was set for a Council, AS, and Staff Advisory Board Retreat to be held Friday, Sept. 13 to discuss current market trends and conditions.

Lastly, we made a correction to the bylaws as we had found that when we had taken an amendment to the member-owners for a vote, which subsequently passed, we had missed updating a reference to the same issue that was amended in another section of the bylaws. We found that the member-owner vote clearly identified the change approved but that this second reference had been overlooked.

Finally, after a very hot summer's eve, we adjourned about ten minutes late. Much appreciation to all Council members and staff attending for bearing with the weather and another long agenda and meeting. Your work for our co-op does not go unnoticed; thank you.

  • 13.05.15

    handsOn May 12th, GreenStar's Council (board of directors) voted to reject moving the referendum sought by the Committee for Justice in Palestine forward for a binding vote by our Membership. The proposed referendum called for one or more boycotts by the Co-op of certain Israeli companies and/or products. The Co-op's Bylaws establish the right of members to initiate petitions for referenda, and require Council to review all proposed referenda to ensure they are fiscally and legally responsible, and consistent with the Bylaws.

  • 10.05.15

    ballot-boxOut of 581 total ballots, 49 were invalid (39 no ID at all, 1 voted for 10, 1 second ballot, 2 not members and 5 came late in the mail). 532 Valid ballots - less one empty envelope

    Elected for 3 year terms:

    1- Liz Coakley = 407

    2- Trisica Munroe = 391

    3- Jan Rhodes Norman = 362

    4- Krys Cail = 351

    5- Stefan Jirka = 337

    For a one year terms:

    6- Susan Beckley = 335

    7/8-- Eric Banford = 329

    7/8 - Patrice Anthony =329

    9- Kristen Kaplan = 291

    Not elected

    10- Walter Hollien = 216

    11- Deborah Moore = 122

    Special thanks to Laura Buttenbaum, Ellen Brown and Brian Henehan.



  • By Alexis Alexander, 

    Membership Manager

    blue-sky-mission-clubI'm thrilled to announce that Blue Sky Mission Club will perform at our annual Springtime Dance Party in the Parking Lot on Thursday, May 21. As every Ithaca dance-lover knows, May is the month when the outdoor music-and-dance season begins in earnest, brightening our lives as the rich bounty of local talent fills the streets and parks throughout the region. What better place for GreenStar member-owners to kick off this incredible season than in our own parking lot!

    Blue Sky Mission Club embraces a "deep understanding of roots, rhythm, and Americana,"...


Next Council Meeting

Tuesday, May 12,
6:30 - 9:30 pm

The Classrooms @ GreenStar
(Former Enterprise Building)
702 W. Buffalo St., Ithaca

Members always welcome!

Possible Agenda Items:


  • Receive GM's B.11 Education 
Monitoring Report
  • Council Self-Monitoring of 
Policy C.4, Meetings
  • Certify Tellers' Report
  • Proposed Reinstatement of Membership Addition to Policy 2.6, 
Conditions of Membership
  • Select attendees to CBLD 101, Board Basics or Leadership Training
  • Officer Election Discussion
  • Seat New Council members 
Elected to Fill Current Vacancies

NOTE: Agenda is tentative and subject to change. To confirm items, see actual agenda posted here and at the stores six days before the meeting.

2015 Spring Member Mailing. Candidate statements, ballots, voting instructions and more.