Make Your Voice Heard — Vote This Month 
on Two Important Proposals

By 12th Moon,
Council President

Voting has ended. The Patronage Dividend measure failed to pass. The Collegetown Crossing store measure passed.

12-12 Voting_Results_CSS_WebCouncil met Tuesday, Oct. 9 in The Space @ GreenStar, and set a record (at least a record for recent times) by adjourning at 8:35 rather than our usual 9:30 p.m. We all appreciated the early ending and that we had taken care of much business during the meeting.

During announcements we appreciated our outgoing Board Administrator Shayna Grajo for all she has done with us and we welcomed Brad Dingman as our new Board Administrator.

General Manager (GM) Brandon Kane presented the monthly GM's Report as our first item, showing that the stores are both doing well and staying quite busy. All departments are working with the Finance Department to create the 2013 budget in a new format that will separate departmental expenditures for each store. This will help prepare staff for evaluating a new satellite store in the future. The 2013 stores budget will be presented to Council at our meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 13 and is likely to include costs associated with building a central kitchen and bakery in our warehouse building at 700 West Buffalo Street.

Voting has ended. The Patronage Dividend measure failed to pass. The Collegetown Crossing store measure passed.


12-12 Voting_Results_PD_WebBrandon also reported that work will soon commence at the West-End store to construct additional cooler space where the picnic area used to be located, and that progress had been made toward city approval of the Collegetown Crossings development that we hope to be a part of. We learned that seven staff members, along with staff members of AFCU, have participated in Talking Circles sponsored by the Multicultural Resource Center this month, and that new membership numbers showed an influx of student members bringing us to about 8,700 total members.

A proposal to join the CBLD (Cooperative Board Leadership Development) 2013 program came next on our agenda. CBLD is a national consulting and training cooperative, and we have been participants in their programs the past two years, primarily working with one consultant who has led our retreats and provides answers and directions when asked. CBLD also offers free and low-cost training sessions a few times a year at locations scattered around the country. Council approved the proposal and the expenditure of $6,150 from the governance training line of our budget.

Speaking of budgets, it's just that time of year, and we next approved our Council 2013 Budget after some adjustments that increased a few lines and decreased a few, yielding a net decrease of around $400 in the total budget.

We next had a brief discussion of the various dates and times of upcoming membership meetings and gatherings, including the Fall Membership Meeting (Thursday, Nov. 8) and associated votes and information sessions and the Kids' Halloween Party. 

Prior to our break, we added an agenda item to address recent changes requested by the city planning board to the design of the Collegetown Crossing building proposed at 307 College Avenue. The changes, removing a bike rack and including a heated enclosed bus stop at the front of the building, would result in the floor plan and possibly the square footage of our proposed new satellite store being changed. Council had previously approved signing a lease with the owners of 307 College Ave. (contingent on our members voting this month to approve the store) that specified the floor plan and size. A proposal was approved to agree to a lease addendum adjusting the floor plan to best accommodate our needs.

After our mid-meeting break we passed over the next agenda item, the receipt of past meeting minutes, as the material was not ready for presentation.

Council approved our next agenda item, "GM Interpretations," which refers to the data that will be submitted in future reports for one of our new policies that requires an annual report. The policy, B.0, or "Global GM Constraint," generally covers the GM's responsibilities to ensure GreenStar staff does not do anything that's illegal or that goes against GreenStar's bylaws or policies.

Our last item for the evening was brought by our Personnel Committee. Continuing with our transition to our new governance system, we have been looking at our old policies and either incorporating them into the new policies, repealing them, amending them, or reorganizing them to differentiate policies from procedures, and identifying things that should be archived for future use. We previously discussed postponing revisions to the GM Job Description until some future GM search, but amended the description to change the GM salary range from $60,000 to $90,000 a year, to from $75,000 to $110,000 a year. The amended proposal was approved.

I'd like to note that this month you have the opportunity to vote and have your voice heard. On the day of Tuesday, Nov. 6 you will be able to cast your votes for a variety of political offices. During the entire month of November, you have the opportunity to vote on a proposed Patronage Dividend system and a second satellite store in Collegetown for GreenStar. As a member-owner of GreenStar, you are able to vote on these close-to-home issues that affect our stores and our community. Please take the time to become familiar with the proposals, attend the Fall Membership Meeting on Thursday, Nov. 8, stop in during informational open office hours at the West-End store (look for announcements in the stores for dates), and, please, vote.

Voting has ended. The Patronage Dividend measure failed to pass. The Collegetown Crossing store measure passed.




Next Council Meeting

Tuesday, August 11,
6:30 - 9:30 pm

The Classrooms @ GreenStar
(Former Enterprise Building)
702 W. Buffalo St., Ithaca

Members always welcome!

Possible Agenda Items:


  • Proposed Interpretations of Oct. 2014 Meat Referendum
  • Select Tellers for Oct. Bylaws Amendment Vote
  • Council Monitoring of Policy C.7, "Council Committees"
  • GM's B.14, "Legal Matters and Contracts" Monitoring Report
  • GM's B.9, "GM Succession" Monitoring Report

NOTE: Agenda is tentative and subject to change. To confirm items, see actual agenda posted here and at the stores six days before the meeting.

  • By Alexis Alexander,
Membership Manager

    ballot-boxIn October, member-owners have the opportunity to vote on six bylaws changes being proposed by Council. GreenStar's bylaws, the rules that govern the internal management of the Co-op, were originally established when GreenStar was incorporated. According to our bylaws, one of the essential rights of member-owners is the ability to vote on the creation and changes to the bylaws and mission statement.

    Unfortunately, GreenStar, like many co-ops, suffers from very poor voter turnout relative to the number of member-owners. For instance, only 5 percent of member-owners voted in th...