Council Addresses Expansion Options, Seats New Members

Tuesday, 01 June 2010 12:49

By 12th Moon,
Council President

Council met on May 11 at Cooperative Extension for our regular monthly meeting, with a second meeting for continuing expansion opportunity discussions and new Councilmember orientation scheduled for May 18.

In routine business, we received the First Quarter Financial Report from the Interim General Manager (IGM), and referred it to our Finance Committee for review, and approved minutes of our December and January meetings.

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Council Discusses Expansion Opportunity, Adds May Meeting

Saturday, 01 May 2010 11:36

By 12th Moon,

Council President

After months of negotiations, legal advice, research and planning, Council and management have announced an opportunity for GreenStar to purchase the land and buildings at 700-702 West Buffalo Street. Member-owners may vote on this proposal from May 13-30. Please look for information at both stores, in this GreenLeaf and on our website, and plan on attending a Special Membership Meeting on Thursday, May 13 at 6:30 pm at the Women’s Community Building to discuss this opportunity.

Council began our April 13 meeting with this much-awaited announcement, which caused a small flurry of questions and some brainstorming among those present. Still, with all ten current Councilmembers, six candidates who are not on Council, and seven staff members present at the meeting, we managed to come to agreement on many issues and conduct all of the business on our agenda.

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Council Approves 2010 Budget, Debates Patronage Refund

Monday, 05 April 2010 07:47

By 12th Moon,
Council President

With nine guests in attendance and too few Councilmembers present to conduct any official business, we began our meeting at 6:45 pm on Tuesday, March 9 by addressing an ambitious agenda. Our guests included two people considering GreenStar membership, who subsequently joined the Co-op the next day, three declared candidates in our upcoming Council elections, and our two newly appointed GreenStar ombudspersons. While waiting for additional Councilmembers and one presenter who were at a non GreenStar-related community event to join us, we heard general announcements and the Interim General Manager’s (IGM) monthly report. Our Treasurer reported that the Finance Committee had reviewed the GM’s 4th Quarter Financial Report, presented to Council at our February meeting, and had found it to be complete and indicative of the effort our staff has made to keep our stores successful.

By 7:20 pm, we had a quorum of six Councilmembers present and could proceed with formal discussions and decision making. We were first introduced to our new Ombudspersons, D. Scott and Evie Weinstein. Evie and D. will be introducing the GreenStar Ombuds Program to you over the next few months, so please look for handouts in the stores and see the front page article in this GreenLeaf. Next, an entertaining presentation was given by Elizabeth Karabinakis, who updated us on the progress being made by our affiliate, GreenStar Community Projects Inc., and some of the restrictions that they are feeling due to government cutbacks in funding.

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  • Thanks for your interest in serving on GreenStar's Council (board of directors). We look forward to hearing your voice, benefiting from your ideas, and working with you to make the Co-op an even better place.

    Annual Elections (in April); Appointments to Fill Vacancies Between Elections

    In the annual Council election, conducted throughout April, at least 5 of the seats on Council are filled (for 3-year terms). If vacancies have occurred since the previous election, those may be filled for the balance of those terms (e.g., for 1 or 2 years). To be elected, a candidate must receive at least 50 valid votes, and at least 200 members must participate in voting). Vacancies t...


Next Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 10,
6:30 - 9:30 pm

The Classrooms @ GreenStar
(Former Enterprise Building)
702 W. Buffalo St., Ithaca

Members always welcome!

Possible Agenda Items:


  • Receive GM's B.6 Staff Treatment and Compensation report
  • Select Tellers for Spring Elections
  • Monitor Policy C.1 Governing Style for Council Compliance
  • Proposed Amendments to Policy B.2 Planning and Budgeting
  • Report Back from Immediacies 
Committee Meeting

NOTE: Agenda is tentative and subject to change. To confirm items, see actual agenda posted here and at the stores six days before the meeting.