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21 Southside CC Welcomes New Director
22 Dancing Turtle Sprouts a 
Green Business
23 New Tomato Fights Blight
24 Lucky '13?
25 Vote During November on Important Issues Facing Your Co-op
26 Vote this Month on Proposed Collegetown Satellite Store
27 Food Justice Summit Celebrates Food, Culture, Sustainability
28 Friendship Donations Network Partners With GreenStar
29 20 Empowering Tools for Change
30 Happy Birthday, GIAC!

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  • By Joe Romano,
    Marketing Manager


    Sticks in a bundle 
are unbreakable.

    — Kenyan proverb

    When you look up commonality in the Oxford Dictionary, it provides a simple and sole definition: "1. The state of sharing features or attributes." The definition is followed by this use in a sentence: "A commonality of interest ensures cooperation."

    Finding the word cooperation...



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