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31 A Meeting Place in the Marketplace
32 Way Beyond Greenwashing
33 The Delicatessen @ GreenStar-Tradition 
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35 Cooking with Local Grains
36 Merry Everything!
37 Occupy Main Street! Part I
38 Celebrate Fair Trade Month!
39 Forty Years On
40 GreenStar's Bakery Expands Wheat-Free Offerings

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  • By Joe Romano,
    Marketing Manager


    Sticks in a bundle 
are unbreakable.

    — Kenyan proverb

    When you look up commonality in the Oxford Dictionary, it provides a simple and sole definition: "1. The state of sharing features or attributes." The definition is followed by this use in a sentence: "A commonality of interest ensures cooperation."

    Finding the word cooperation...



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