Local Beans from Field to Fork: Cayuga Pure Organics

By the Marketing and Member Services Department
On March 25, GreenStar members, councilmembers and staff joined over 100 community members in Brooktondale at an open house hosted by local farm Cayuga Pure Organics (CPO). The festivities started with a tour highlighting the farm’s recently completed processing facility. People gathered to learn the history of the farm from co-owner Erick Smith, and what is involved in getting their beans, grains and seeds from field to table from CPO’s inspirational advisor and enthusiast John Hamilton.

Afterwards, people lined up eagerly to enjoy a free meal provided by GreenStar including chili made with CPO’s organic black beans, a salad made with local hydroponic lettuce and local cider.

“Supporting local farms and helping to build a sustainable local food system is a part of GreenStar’s mission and values,” says Liz Karabinakis, GreenStar’s Member and Community Services Manager who helped coordinate the event. “Helping to make local food accessible in our community is more than operating a retail business- it is about connecting with our farmers and being a part of their accomplishments.”

Community members and businesses that have been instrumental at helping CPO overcome daunting challenges where identified to the crowd and given a heartfelt appreciation. 

“We are thankful that so many people value what we are trying to do,” says Erick Smith, “This is a great opportunity to work together and help develop a local food economy that is rooted in ecological responsibility and strives to grow, produce and sell the highest quality products to our community.”

The afternoon ended with a farewell to CPO farmer Melissa Madden who is pursuing a farming endeavor in Wisconsin, and a warm welcome to Shamus Clancey, the newest member of CPO’s beanery team.

Guests were excited to learn that the processing facility is operational and black, pinto, small red and cranberry beans, as well as whole oats and whole wheat, are now available at the Co-op!

As busy as the CPO team is putting finishing touches on its new bean facility and gearing up for the upcoming growing season, they also continue to expand their operation. The farm recently acquired and will soon install a commercial mill. Watch for locally grown, locally milled whole grain flours at GreenStar soon!

New in Grocery

Beer, Chocolate, and Gummy Bears

Adam Morris,
Grocery Manager

Yummy-Earth-Organic-Gummy-BearsLooking for seasonal beer? It's here. Halloween treats? Got 'em. And, check for sales on baking supplies.

Welcome to fall. Finally! As some of you may have noticed, our seasonal beer selection is already up and running! We've got a great assortment of regional and local favorites, as well as some organic varieties — all sure to spice up any weekend gathering! Be on the lookout for your favorite Halloween snacks and treats as well. Yummy Earth gummies, Sjaaks vegan holiday chocolates, all your favorite drizzled popcorns, and so many other options and treats will be on sale yet again! And let's not forget the old adage about the early bird and its reward: now may be the best time to take advantage of some sales on baking supplies and other goodies to set you up for the perfect Thanksgiving. You know it's coming — once the cold weather gets going, there's just no stopping it! And, have you seen our new Basics flyer? It's a handy guide to shopping the hundreds of products at rock-bottom prices throughout the store.


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