Homeopathy: A Conversation with Body, Mind, Soul

 By Carrie Stearns

boironWhat if we believed our bodies to be full of wisdom? What if we really listened to our body when it expressed itself through pain and illness? What might we hear and where might it take us?

The practice of homeopathy involves deeply listening to the body and hearing its experience of pain and illness as a language guiding us toward greater balance and health. Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that works with the body to bring about healing. To work with the body, I, as a practitioner, need to really listen to the body and seek to understand what it's expressing. When a client comes with an acute or chronic health issue (like a sore throat or allergies), I do not just note it as a generic problem. I begin to ask a series of questions that help me to understand exactly how they experience their sore throat. I might, for example, ask if the pain is sharp or dull. Is it better or worse from swallowing? What happens when you drink warm liquids? These questions are key to finding the right remedy for treating the sore throat, because these modalities distinguish a client's symptoms and offer a clear expression of how the person actually experiences their sore throat. One thing that makes homeopathic medicine unique is that it relies on these details of how symptoms are actually experienced. This is the key to working with the body.

The conversation becomes even more interesting when we go beyond the specific physical modalities and begin to look at what the mind and emotions are saying. It might be revealed that this sore throat began after a difficult incident at work in which the client was unable to speak up for themselves. Or a person's debilitating sinus infections began a month after the sudden death of their father. When we really listen to the body, we can often begin to see a much bigger picture than a sore throat or clogged sinus cavity. We begin to get a view into our life as a whole and see where the roots of illness actually are. This is how symptoms become a doorway that can lead us into deeper relationship with ourselves. Such a doorway is full of potential to lead us toward living the life that we actually yearn for.

From my years of homeopathic practice, I have really seen just how much illness is a language that carries vital information to us about our desires, our life as we live it, and where we have lost our balance. Sometimes the expression has great urgency in it because it has taken us so long to begin to listen. Other times, the conversation is more quiet. Often the space of deep listening is healing in and of itself. What the conversation helps me to see are patterns that underlie the symptoms of illness. These patterns then take me to specific remedies that match those symptoms. When a remedy picture matches the picture of the illness, it creates resonance within the vital healing force and jump-starts a process of healing from the inside. This is the essence of homeopathy at work through the remedy.

Once a remedy is prescribed, the conversation continues. I ask clients to pay attention to what they're experiencing, and we meet again in 4-6 weeks. One of the most beautiful things I get to witness in this process is how healing flows from such a deep place in us. Right alongside physical healing, a client may suddenly find themselves able to speak clearly and stand up for themselves. Someone may actively release grief that's been held inside. Sometimes clarity comes that directs a needed change in their life and suddenly there is energy and support to make that happen. This teaches me over and over again the power of the vital energy force at our core that is trying to carry us forward in life so we can live our true purpose.

In homeopathic philosophy, the actual definition of health is "...to keep all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both feeling and functions, so that our indwelling, rational spirit can freely avail itself of this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence" (Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Organon of the Medical Art). For me, there is no greater gift than to participate in a healing modality that encourages the unfolding of our true purpose.

Carrie Stearns, PDHom., practices classical homeopathy at The Padma Center for the Healing Arts in Ithaca. She holds a practitioner diploma from The School of Homeopathy, Devon, England. For the past nine years, Carrie has been a student of the Diamond Approach, a contemporary spiritual teaching that brings together the spiritual and psychological aspects of personal experience for the purpose of self-realization. To learn more about her practice, visit carriestearns.blogspot.com or stop by GreenStar for a free 15-minute mini-session on Wednesday, May 29. See the ad below for more information.

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