Council Approves Ends Policies for Member-Owners' Consideration — Give Your Feedback

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By Jessica Rossi, 

Council Secretary and Chair of the Ends Committee

jessicarossi72dpiAt this year's GreenStar Council Spring Retreat, it was decided that a committee was needed to draft the new Ends policies needed to complete Council's policy book. At its very next board meeting, in May 2013, Council moved to form an Ends Committee to complete this project. The goal set for this committee was to compose a draft of these Ends policies and then to revise the proposed policies, as necessary, after receiving feedback from Council Members and any and all interested GreenStar member-owners.

After only two months of meetings, the committee settled upon seven Ends statements. They were presented to Council at its August board meeting and unanimously accepted as ready to present to the cooperative's member-owners for feedback. Council further charged its Membership Committee with the advertisement and communication of these proposed Council policies to the membership at large. Both the Ends Committee and Council agreed that only after Council had received adequate feedback on these proposed policies (as detailed below) would they be formally voted on and approved.

Unlike many of the various Council policies in existence today, Ends policies are meant to reflect the overarching direction of the organization as a whole, not just what is expected of the Council Members and/or General Manager. Once finished, our Ends statements will describe the cooperative's purpose, or reason(s) for existence; thus, the overall success of the cooperative will only be reached by achieving the outcomes detailed in all of the Ends policies.

For those GreenStar member-owners who would like to offer any feedback, questions, comments of concern, and/or general congratulations on the crafting of these important policies, please feel free to contact me (Ends Committee Chair) at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or 12th Moon, Council President, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 607.342.7878. If you wish to provide your comments in writing, feel free to drop them off at the Customer Service Desk at the West-End store or mail them to GreenStar Cooperative Market, 701 West Buffalo St., Ithaca, NY 14850.

Again, we look forward to hearing from you before we commit the cooperative to the following Ends statements:


GreenStar Cooperative Market exists to nurture a constructive, dynamic, and supportive community and a culture of shared purpose and respect, among people of diverse backgrounds.


GreenStar Cooperative Market exists to foster cooperative attitudes, cooperative ownership as an alternative economic model, collaboration among cooperatives and like-minded businesses, and engagement with the larger co-op movement.


GreenStar Cooperative Market exists to ensure local, democratic control through open ownership and transparent governance, of its members' retail food source.


GreenStar Cooperative Market exists to provide wholesome, healthy, affordable, and ethical food choices, as well as quality goods and services to support a healthy lifestyle.


GreenStar Cooperative Market exists to make a meaningful contribution toward ecological sustainability, including a zero-carbon footprint and increased local and regional food self-reliance.


GreenStar Cooperative Market exists to ensure that its members and shoppers can learn about cooperatives, food, regional and community-based food systems, health, sustainability, and social justice.


GreenStar Cooperative Market exists to show by example that a successful business can be an empowering and safe work environment and committed to fair treatment, dignity, and non-discrimination for all in its relations with people from various walks of life, and toward those whose labor produces and provides the goods the Co-op carries.