Bring Your Own Bag ... and Use It for Good

By Kristie Snyder,

GreenLeaf Editor

tolkensRemember back when GreenStar gave you a nickel for each reusable bag that you brought from home to use at the store? That concept is back... with a twist. Beginning April 11, for every bag that a shopper brings to reuse at the registers, he or she will be rewarded with not a nickel back, but the ability to donate that nickel to a local



  • By Joe Damiano,
    Bulk Department Manager

    dandy-blend-coffee-substituteTry some traditional products with great health benefits —umeboshi plums and miso are delicious additions to your diet.

    I want to remind you of the health benefits of some bulk products I really enjoy. From ancient Japan comes "the king of alkaline foods," used to balance and strengthen: the Umeboshi plum, tart and salty, treasured for it...

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