Goodness Baked from Scratch in Co-op's Kitchen

By Kristie Snyder,

GreenLeaf Editor

15 10-Pie-for-GreenLeaf-smWhen I stopped into GreenStar's Bakery recently to talk with Bakery Manager Jillian Brazel about new products, she and her staff were huddled around a stand mixer that was running full tilt. Inside was a frothy vegan meringue of aquafaba (an amazing egg replacement) and sugar, miraculously transforming as the bakers watched in wonder.



Celebrate Co-op Month: "Take Ownership"

Sunday, 11 October 2015 00:48

By Alexis Alexander,

Membership Manager

coop month logoOctober was proclaimed National Co-op Month by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in 1964 to pay tribute to the benefits that differentiate the cooperative business model from other ways to structure businesses. Today, Co-op Month honors over 30,000 co-ops nationwide, operating in every industry including agriculture, energy, financial services, food retail, health care, child care, insurance, housing, and more.

Co-op Month's theme for 2015, "Take Ownership," highlights how the cooperative business model gives consumers and workers a real stake in their economic destinies. Since co-ops are owned and controlled by the people who use or deliver their services, decisions are made with the best interests of co-op members in mind — not the financial benefit of corporate stockholders. There are many ways that co-op member-owners can become actively involved in setting policies and shaping the future of their cooperatives. Examples include engaging in the voting process, serving on Council or committees, or attending member meetings and co-op classes. Another significant way member-owners can Take Ownership is by talking about the unique benefits of cooperatives with others, and encouraging them to join.

At GreenStar, October offers a number of opportunities to Take Ownership:


The most direct opportunity for member-owners to influence GreenStar policies is the membership vote on six bylaws changes that Council has proposed. The voting period runs the entire month of October. Ballots can be cast in either store. Information on the proposed changes can be found in the Fall Member Mailing that will be sent to members this month and posted on the GreenStar website.

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Home Cold and Flu Remedies Using Herbs and Tinctures

Sunday, 11 October 2015 00:51

By Amanda Lewis, L.Ac.

There are so many incredible plants to use as remedies during cold and flu season. As an acupuncturist trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I primarily work with Eastern herbal formulas. However, for the immune system, I commonly recommend certain Western herbs.

To choose the most beneficial herbs, consider two basic diagnostic distinctions: 1) whether the illness is affecting the superficial or deep aspect of the body, and 2) whether it's a hot or cold invasion.

Superficial vs. Deep

This distinction determines the severity of the disease. If superficial, the pathogen is more acute and lingers at the surface, with symptoms of sudden onset and short duration. Watch for fever and chills, aversion to wind, headache, body aches, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, a thin tongue coating, and a floating pulse. Signs of a deep condition—mainly associated with organ imbalance—vary from person to person. Deep syndromes tend to be more serious and long-lasting (see your local acupuncturist/herbalist for treatment).

Hot vs. Cold

This distinction determines the nature of the disease. If it's hot, symptoms include red face, aversion to heat, thirst, yellow mucus, constipation, and yellow scanty urine. The tongue will be red with yellow and dry coating, and the pulse, rapid. If it's cold, you'll have sneezing, runny nose, body aches, pale face and tongue (white, glossy coating), slow pulse, chills, fatigue, clear urine, loose bowels, and clear or white mucus.

What follows is a listing of the top herbs I recommend for cold and flu season (generally most effective taken separate from meals). If in doubt, consult your local herbalist!

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