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More than 800 million people around the world belong to cooperatives, and at least 100 million of them are employed by co-ops. And more often than you probably realize, co-ops play a vital part of your everyday life.

Consider the cup of coffee and cranberry muffin you recently enjoyed. That premium Sumatra Siborong-Borog coffee was likely purchased from a grower co-op in Indonesia. The flour in the muffin started as wheat from a farmer-owned, grain elevator co-op in the Midwest, and those cranberries might be from Ocean Spray, a producer-owned co-op.

Knowing the source of the foods you eat, the services you employ and the products you purchase are just a few of the benefits of joining a cooperative. As a member, co-ops invite you to take part in the way your favorite grocery store or financial institution is run, and share in any profits. This community approach to business is at the heart of the cooperative philosophy.

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1   Link   Local Co-ops
Whether the co-op is operating on behalf of producers, workers or consumers, the general purpose of all co-ops is the same: to serve the needs of members. Check out some of these local co-ops.
2   Link   Go Co-op
We all have childhood memories of parents, teachers and others encouraging us to work together. A co-op is what "working together" looks like all grown up. From the outside, many co-ops look like any other business, since a co-op provides products an
3   Link   National Cooperative Grocer's Association-Member Co-ops
The National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) is a business services cooperative for natural food co-ops located throughout the United States. NCGA helps unify natural food co-ops in order to optimize operational and marketing resources, streng
4   Link   Cooperative Grocers Information Network
CGIN (Cooperative Grocers' Information Network) is a membership organization founded to support the growth and development of food co-ops. Given the increasingly competitive climate all food co-ops operate in, CGIN aims to help co-ops maximize their
5   Link   Food Co-op 500
The Food Co-op 500 Program is a support system that seeks to enable a faster and more efficient start-up process to develop new retail grocery co-ops.
6   Link   International Cooperative Alliance
ICA is an independent, non-governmental association which unites, represents and serves co-operatives worldwide. Founded in 1895, ICA has 221 member organizations from 88 countries active in all sectors of the economy. Together these co-operatives re
7   Link   The National Cooperative Business Association
The National Cooperative Business Association is the lead national membership association for co-ops in all sectors of the economy. Our mission is to develop, advance and protect cooperative enterprise.
8   Link   Co-op America
Co-op America’s work combines four powerful strategies:

* Empowering individuals to make purchasing and investing choices that promote social justice and environmental sustainability;
* Demanding an end to corporate irresponsibility throu
9   Link   National Consumer Cooperative Bank
NCB is dedicated to strengthening communities nationwide through the delivery of banking and financial services, complemented by a special focus on cooperative expansion and economic development.
10   Link   North American Students of Cooperation
The North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) Family [of associations] organizes and educates affordable group equity co-ops and their members for the purpose of promoting a community oriented cooperative movement.
11   Link   United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives
The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives is a national grassroots membership organization of and for worker cooperatives, democratic workplaces, and organizations that support the growth and development of worker cooperatives. We were foun
  • By Alexis Alexander,
Membership Manager

    I have woken to a new day, a day when GreenStar's annual Member Meetings and pancakes are defined as pure elegance and inspiration. Surprised?

    The morning after our Fall Member Meeting, I'm entranced by the experience of last night. I realize how far GreenStar has come over the years, and how integral and essential a partner we are in the wider regional food movement before us. Our roots as a buying club and grain store have matured into a multimillion-dollar community-ba...

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