Exploring Shamanic Energy Medicine

Tuesday, 02 November 2010 13:19

By Anita Devine

Several years ago, I wrote in my journal, “I want to study with Alberto Villoldo.” At the time, I really had no idea whom Alberto was, or the course of study that he could offer me. I saw his name somewhere, perhaps he was referenced in an article that I may have read. I tucked that journal away and forgot what I wrote that day.... or so I thought.

Two years ago, my life took a fast course in transformation, through the healing of a physical condition requiring major surgery. Soon after I recovered from surgery, I decided to pursue the study of energy medicine, and, big surprise, Alberto’s name showed up again. As I perused the course descriptions offered in his program, Healing the Light Body, I realized that I had been seeking this information for a very long time. After I registered for my first class with Alberto, I decided to clean out some boxes tucked away in a closet, and out popped my old journal. I found that entry stating my desire to study with Alberto, which I had written several years before. So, shamanism chose me, and it has been an incredible adventure.

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Inquiry and Trust: The Work of Byron Katie

Tuesday, 05 October 2010 01:17

By Jayalalita

Some five years ago, I snarled a frustrated comment about someone I loved and a woman used my statement to guide me through an inquiry process. I had such an instant experience of seeing another person in a new, kinder light (and of liking myself a whole lot better) that I hired this woman. She was a life coach. The inquiry process was The Work of Byron Katie.

Katie works from the premise that nothing that happens is inherently stressful. Pain, anger, sadness, frustration — they all come from our thoughts about what’s happening. These thoughts can be questioned.

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The Health Benefits of Ballet

Friday, 03 September 2010 15:03

By Deanna Berman, ND, CM

Ballet is a wonderful form of exercise and an opportunity to develop many skills necessary in life. For some, it may also be a part of the road back to health, both psychological and physical. These benefits may be obtained through the study of ballet whether taking a Saturday morning class for fun or training for a performance. The emotional and physical benefits that occur through the study of ballet can be utilized in many areas of one’s life. Here are some of the benefits of ballet.

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    When GreenStar recently upgraded the lighting and ceiling tiles at the West-End Store those involved took into account the opportunity to make a difference and implement savings at the same time.

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