Staff and Council Look to the Year Ahead

Friday, 11 February 2011 16:55

By Brandon Kane, Interim General Manager, and
12th Moon, Council President

2011 promises to be a year of transformations for GreenStar. It is also a year to celebrate our growth and accomplishments 40 years after the 1971 founding of the Ithaca Real Foods Co-op, a group buying co-op. The business eventually became GreenStar Cooperative Market, and was incorporated on Winter Solstice, Dec. 22, 1982. Now, 28 years later, we are a two-store organization, operating a warehouse, with combined sales of $15 million, serving a membership of over 7,500! Happy Birthday, GreenStar, and we look forward to another 28 years of service to our member-owners, our community and as an example of the cooperative, democratic business model.

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All for Naught

Friday, 11 February 2011 16:45

By Joe Romano,
Marketing Manager

New_Year_FireworksThe actions we take and the decisions we make in this decade will have consequences far into this century. If America shows weakness and uncertainty, the world will drift toward tragedy. That will not happen on my watch.

— George W. Bush

It is that time when the New Year marks the end of the first decade of the century. Already, we’re a tenth of the way through the first tenth of this new millennium.

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The Great GreenStar 'Local Lover' Giveaway Begins

Tuesday, 02 November 2010 14:58

By Jan Rhodes Norman,
Councilmember and Cofounder of Local First Ithaca

During the week leading up to Thanksgiving — GreenStar’s biggest shopping week of the year — $30,000 of Ithaca HOURS will be given to customers through a promotion coordinated with Local First Ithaca and their Local Lover holiday campaign.

How is that possible? It seems that every once in a while, life presents a solution to a long-standing problem that ends up creating benefits far beyond what we originally envisioned. Such is the case with the dilemma of GreenStar’s overabundance of Ithaca HOURS, Ithaca’s own local currency.

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Current Job Postings

  • By Joe Damiano,
    Bulk Department Manager

    Peanut plant NSRWDid you know we make granola right in our new GreenStar kitchen? We do, and it's available here in the Bulk Department.

    Have you ever tried GreenStar's own Oasis Maple Nut Granola? Baked in small batches in our new kitchen then stocked fresh in Bulk at both stores, it's fast becoming a favorite of Ithaca's granola crowd. I'm betting it'll satiate your taste buds...

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