May Day! May Day!

Friday, 01 May 2015 21:19

When the man who feeds the world by toiling in the fields is himself deprived of the basic rights of feeding, sheltering, and caring for his own family, the whole community of man is sick.

— César Chávez


By Joe Romano, 

Marketing Manager

You may have noticed that the Classrooms @ GreenStar building has been adorned with a beautiful new mural that wraps the building. If you have not already seen it, stop by sometime and take a look. The mural was created for GreenStar by two collaborating artists, Paloma, who came to us all the way from Peru, and Kazoo, a former Ithaca resident who now resides in Oakland, California. Their credits include working with Positive News, Black Lives Matter, and co-founding a silkscreen co-op in San Francisco. The design is of farmers in a field and is intended to draw attention to the hard work performed by farm workers and the circumstances in which it is often performed. Also, there is a graph that shows how little of the proceeds from the average farm actually goes to the workers. This "Food Justice for Farmworkers" theme will help inform and educate our members and the community about the difficulties still faced by workers today, and aligns perfectly with our values here at GreenStar.

The artists were invited here by Caleb Thomas, working through the City of Ithaca Public Art Commission. According to GreenStar Council Member, Eric Banford, writing in Tompkins Weekly:

[Caleb] Thomas recently traveled to California to tour public murals in Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles...Once he returned to Ithaca, he taught an Art and Social Justice class at New Roots Charter School, where he posed the question, "What would you like to see on a mural?" Antonio Triana is the son of a tutor for migrant workers, and expressed an interest in seeing a mural that honored migrant workers. Thomas took a picture of Antonio holding a poster with his idea on it, emailed it to artists he had connected with in Oakland, and it immediately resonated with them. The idea for the GreenStar mural was born.

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GreenStar Lowers Prices

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 22:12

By Joe Romano,

Marketing Manager

Grocery-BillBargain: Anything a customer thinks a store is losing money on.

— Kin Hubbard

Life is a gift. The food we need to maintain it, however, is not. In fact, food is costly. Food is so valuable that around ten thousand years ago sacks of grain were used as currency, and food was used as money to purchase other things.

GreenStar itself was founded upon sacks of grain. The Ithaca Real Food Co-op, which evolved into the GreenStar we know today, was little more than a room filled with these grain sacks. In fact, people called it "the grainstore," a name that eventually evolved into "GreenStar." That was over forty years ago.

In all that time, GreenStar has been known for its prices, and not in a good way. We have spent a lot of time and energy talking about how nutritionally dense our food is, how much more nutrition is provided to our families for each dollar spent. We heard back that people had only so much money with which to feed their families and that the bottom line was that we needed to lower our prices.

We also spent a lot of time talking about the hidden costs of food. We told anyone who would listen that there were hidden costs involved in the selling of good food. If one were to ensure that farmers were paid properly, that farm workers were paid properly, that store employees were properly compensated, that care went into the growing, packaging, and delivery of the food, and that the Earth and its inhabitants were not being harmed, well, those facts would be reflected in the price.

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Co-op Switches to Phenol-Free Receipt Paper

Sunday, 01 February 2015 20:52

By Diane Hamilton,

Customer Service Manager

receiptsAs cooperative shoppers, we understand the way that each of our bodies is unique in health and unique in symptoms of dis-ease. So where do we prioritize our own life decisions in a potentially, yet unproven to be "toxic" world, when science is at odds with itself or at odds with our own experience? Most of us find a balance between cost and demonstrated benefit when it comes to all of these potential toxins in our life. We are critical consumers.

At GreenStar, in the service of a community for whom these health concerns matter, we choose paper bags and wooden utensils over plastic; we measure electro-magnetic fields when planning store renovations and resets. We support companies that are committed to a reduction in product processing and product packaging. We actively support the GMO Project and product research and transparency through groups such as How Good, and, in a decision that is good for both our staff and our customers, we've made the choice to use vitamin C-based receipt paper developer or e-receipts over bisphenol S thermal printing.

Phenols (such as bisphenol A and S), both in the global marketplace and in our bodies, are an issue of concern that was closely followed by GreenStar's Customer Service staff during the worldwide race in chemical engineering for phenol-free thermal receipt printing. Following this issue taught us quite a bit about phenols, hormone disruption, and receipt paper, and we want to share what we learned with GreenStar shoppers. To some extent, a whole-foods–based diet containing beneficial nutrients such as those listed in the supplement chart on page 12 will offer some protection from effects.

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