'Let's Move' on Food Equity

Thursday, 29 July 2010 10:27

By Joe Romano, 

Marketing Manager

I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.

—Mother Teresa

Just about as long as there has been a GreenStar, right at the front of our stores, there has always been a box of little pencils. People use them to write down the item numbers in our bulk section and throughout our stores. They are used for writing down phone numbers, for recipes, for writing to our legislators, and for drawing flowers and dragons and pumpkins while moms and dads shop.

Homes in Ithaca are likely to have one somewhere, and so, homework is done with them, love letters written, songs crafted, wills drafted and life plans laid out using their tiny graphite tips.

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Members Vote to Buy Property

Thursday, 01 July 2010 21:34

In May, GreenStar member-owners voted overwhelmingly in favor of the purchase of 700 West Buffalo Street. 436 yes votes and 51 no votes were cast, with 53 invalid ballots cast. Council ratified the results at their June 8 meeting. A closing date has not been set as of GreenLeaf press time, but it will likely be in late June or early July. Council has authorized Interim General Manager Brandon Kane to contract a market study to help begin to identify some best uses of the space. One possibility is consolidating the Bakery and Deli kitchens in the new space, along with building a large meeting room, which would still leave extra space for other uses and could free up hundreds of square feet of retail space at the Co-op’s present stores. Another possibility to consider is whether or not this site is feasible for a new store expansion.

As staff and Council begin to consider the possibilities, information will be presented to membership for feedback. Look for special meetings to be held in the fall, along with other avenues for offering your opinion, such as commenting in the stores and on the website.

GreenStar Welcomes New (Customer Service Manager

Wednesday, 30 December 2009 12:30

By Jennifer Wholey, 

GreenLeaf Intern

Recently returned from maternity leave, Diane Hamilton balances her position as new Customer Service Manager and as new mom with finesse. Her predecessor, Empar Sicroff, accepted a managerial position at the Red Feet Wine Market this past summer, and Diane was selected to fill the job. Diane began work at GreenStar as a cashier in April 2008, and from there progressed to Customer Service Manager on Duty.

“I inherited a department that was run like clockwork in very competent hands,” Diane said. “Empar created many systems and procedures that keep the front end organized and she did an admirable job hiring and setting expectations for an intelligent, hard-working staff.”

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