The Difference GreenStar Makes

Friday, 03 February 2012 21:25


By Kristie Snyder,

GreenLeaf Editor


Friendship Donations Network volunteers prepare for a weekly food pantry distribution at Ithaca's Immaculate Conception Church. Friendship Donations Network (FDN) supplies Loaves and Fishes and dozens of food pantries in the Ithaca area each week with fresh, perishable food donated by local stores including GreenStar. You can donate money to support FDN's mission at any GreenStar register. For a list of weekly pantries, visit

 Last of the seven Cooperative Principles that guide GreenStar and other co-ops is Concern for Community: "Cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through policies approved by their members."

Community support takes many forms at GreenStar, some more quantifiable than others. Monetary donations are pretty quantifiable, and GreenStar puts its money where its cooperative mouth is, donating thousands of dollars every year to support local organizations, while at the same time providing member-owners channels through which they can donate directly.

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GreenStar Without Borders

Friday, 03 February 2012 04:49


By Joe Romano, 

Marketing Manager

It is the very boundary that establishes our sense of being a separate self ... like all boundaries it is only an illusion.

— Ken Wilber

bigstock blueprintWhere is GreenStar? What are its boundaries? Where is its beginning and where, if at all, does it end?

You could look to a kitchen table in the late 1960s or to a document signed in 1971 for its beginnings. Or you could look back further to the Rochdale Pioneers who "created" cooperation.

You could describe the boundaries of our buildings, and say it all starts at the front door and goes to the back, measuring all the property lines, delineating sales space, offices, storage and meeting rooms and even parking spots and dining areas.

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GreenStar Recognized for Four 'Signs of Sustainability'

Tuesday, 03 January 2012 17:54

signs of_sustainabilityGreenStar and GreenStar Community Projects were recently recognized by Sustainable Tompkins' annual "Signs of Sustainability"program for "outstanding efforts" to support regional sustainability. On Sunday, Dec. 11, GreenStar joined many other community organizations in receiving awards. GreenStar was recognized in four categories: "Milestones," for reaching our 40th anniversary; "New Sustainability Activity by an Existing Organization — Food System," for establishing our Local Bulk section where one can find a large variety of locally grown and milled grains and flours; "New Sustainability Activity by an Existing Organization — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Composting," for our reusable bag program; and "New Sustainability Activity by an Existing Organization — Sustainability Events," for GreenStar Community Projects' work to host Ithaca's first annual Food Justice Summit.

Sustainable Tompkins has noted these "Signs of Sustainability" each year for the past five years, and it is amazing how our shared regional sustainability efforts have grown! For more information about the "Signs of Sustainability" program, please visit

GreenStar's Marketing Manager, Joe Romano, accepts the first of four Signs of Sustainability Awards from Sustainable Tompkins Director Gay Nicholson.


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