A Look at the Year Ahead: GreenStar 2012

Tuesday, 03 January 2012 16:46


By Kristie Snyder, GreenLeaf Editor,
Brandon Kane, General Manager, and
12th Moon, Council President

brandon kane_and_12th_moonAnother year has begun, and with it comes our annual look ahead at the next year, and beyond, for GreenStar. We talked with General Manager, Brandon Kane, and Council President, 12th Moon, about what lies ahead for the Co-op.

It's 2012 — the world has changed so much in the almost 41 years since GreenStar was founded. What does it mean to be a member of the Co-op today?

BK: There are so many answers to that question! I would start with the fact that we are seeing the results all around us of a world economy that is destabilized and out of control. Now, more than ever, community control of businesses is crucial for economic stability and having a say in how that business affects your community. One essential function of a cooperative, whether it's a natural foods store or a bio-diesel distributor, is that communities, as owners, invest in a business, help direct its mission, and consistently reinvest through participation, which can happen on all kinds of levels. At GreenStar, the simplest level of participation is patronage at the store, and that can increase all the way up to joining Council. There is so much strength in this model it is unbelievable! Look at GreenStar, 41 years old and going stronger than ever. We're currently at a growth rate of 12 percent over 2010. This is the best we've done in years! A critical mass of support for local businesses has definitely been reached, and with this support we're able to do so much — offer community rental space, donation programs to local organizations through our registers, direct support of local farms and vendors through sales at our stores, and support for the formation of co-ops in other communities, most recently illustrated by our expansion loan to Mariposa Co-op in Philly.

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Tuesday, 02 August 2011 16:18

By Joe Romano, 

Marketing Manager

Thank you for your cooperation and vice versa.

— Eugene Ormandy

co-op-deals-salesYou may have noticed our 
national "CO+OPs: Stronger Together" branding that is meant to communicate all the great things co-ops offer. You may have seen it on our website or on our "CO+OP Deals" sales flyers. The Latin root "co" means "together," and the symbol "CO+" embodies the concept of "stronger together," bringing fresh energy to the word "co-op" and what it represents, including community, connectedness, conversation, and concern for the environment. Even the name of GreenStar's board of directors, our Council, derives its meaning from the Latin for "sitting together." These are not new concepts; in fact, they go back to the earliest civilizations.

Take the Romans, for example. During this month of August, named after the first emperor of the Roman Empire, Augustus Caesar, the Romans would hold celebrations to honor two related gods, Consus and Ops.

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Council Hires a Familiar Face as New General Manager

Tuesday, 02 August 2011 16:07

By 12th Moon, Council President, and
Kristie Snyder, GreenLeaf Editor

brandon_kaneCouncil is pleased to announce the selection of Brandon Kane as GreenStar's new General Manager. Brandon was chosen at Council's July meeting.

After an extensive recruitment and search process that lasted for over a year, our General Manager (GM) Search Committee brought three candidates to GreenStar for interviews and an opportunity to meet and speak with staff and members. Individual open sessions were held in our West-End store with each candidate, followed by a lunch break and an opportunity to tour the stores. In the afternoons the candidates were interviewed by the Area Supervisors group, consisting of the 13 managers of our retail and administrative departments, then offered another break before having a Deli dinner with attending Council members. Council's interviews followed dinner. To their credit, all three candidates held up pretty well during their nine-hour-plus interview days.

The week following these interviews, at our regular July 12 Council meeting, our final agenda item was the discussion and selection, we hoped, of a new GM for GreenStar. After more than an hour discussing the merits of the candidates, the interview process and the feedback that we had received from the Area Supervisors group, staff and members, we came to agreement.

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